Is Your Home's Wiring Outdated?

Is Your Home's Wiring Outdated?

Schedule an electrical service upgrade in Gretna, NE

Older homes were built with electrical panels that could handle the energy needs of the time. Now, with the increasing reliance on electronic devices, electrical panels need to be able to handle a much larger energy load. That's why Sir Electric Inc. provides electrical panel upgrade services in Gretna, NE and the surrounding area.

When you need an electrical service upgrade, you can count on our team for thorough, efficient work. Your electrical system will be able to handle a larger energy load, meaning it'll be safer, more reliable and more energy-efficient.

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Is it time for you to get an electrical service upgrade?

Sir Electric is the go-to company in Gretna, NE. Now you know the importance of electrical panel upgrade services, but do you know when you need them? You might be due for an electrical service upgrade if:

  • Your breaker trips frequently.
  • You have several outlets and fixtures that don't work.
  • You smell an electrical fire or metallic burning.

Don't keep putting up with faulty fixtures or a breaker that trips all the time. Talk to the experts at Sir Electric right now to see if you need your electrical panel upgraded.